>ponds and mangled shopping carts

10:58 PM


It seemed only right to say farewell to our old apartment by snapping a picture of the pond in the front of the property. We spent a lot of time with Brennan feeding the ducks that live in this  pond... it's just a shame I wasn't able to get any of the ducks in this picture (winter).

I have no idea what happened to this shopping cart... it probably got mangled by some drunk driver... but wow did it make one interesting piece of artwork! I had to take a couple of shots. I would have dragged it home and turned it in to some form of found object sculpture had it not been for the fact I was on a walk with Brennan (kind of hard to push a stroller AND a mangled shopping cart at the same time).

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  1. >I wonder where you found that cart. My father-in-law hit a cart recently. He wasn't drunk, just poor vision in the dark. Someone set a cart in the road near Palm & Crill. They set it in the shadows that were casting from the trees and he didn't see it. -Erin

  2. >Hahaha, that's around the area where I found it! It was down a ways from that intersection, though. Thanks for telling me what happened. It was a curiosity.