>I love my new school so far! :)

11:55 AM

>My new classes started yesterday. Wow, Liberty is SO different from Axia. I get actual textbooks along with lectures and Powerpoints on the covered material. There's only two assignments per class every 2 weeks - a discussion question and an exam. That's it. No weekly discussion questions or checkpoints or assignments. I feel relieved because with all the work Axia loaded me down with, I felt like I spent more time on my assignments then I did on actually reading and reflecting on the material that was covered so I was exposed to little and retained little. I think with Liberty's set up I just may get more out of my classes. Of course, it requires more self discipline as well - with there being two weeks in between assignments, there's plenty of room to slack off... and plenty of room to fail. But I figure if I could maintain a high GPA with Axia despite its very low graduation rate (something like 16%) I can keep it going with Liberty (which graduates something like 80% of their students). There's also a lower chance of burn out on my part - the staff (so far) are supportive and laid back, there's break time given in between semesters, and of course the work load is easier to handle so I can focus on what I'm there for - an education.

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