>new names, new grades, how much I love my son :), and new adventures

8:26 PM

>Today Brennan learned a third person's name (i.e. someone besides "Dadda" and "Momma")... Adam. What's so funny about this is he hasn't spent as much time around David's cousin Adam as he has well... just about anyone we know. He's quite taken with Adam though and I think that may contribute to why he took such an interest in learning his name. :)

I did pretty poorly on my first two exams with Liberty. At first I couldn't figure out why... I studied very hard and learned the material very well prior to taking the exams. I think I figured it out with my third exam last night, though. The questions are mega tricky. I tried reading them very slowly and checking my answers several times over before I turned in the exam and made a 90 on a closed notes and books exam. The exams for the other class are a little trickier, though. The class is lecture based and it seems like the lecturer does not cover all the material he should be for the exams. This means one gets questions they couldn't possibly know the answers to. I hope that I just got a bad batch of questions on this exam or something... I'm betting they have a long list of questions that rotate from exam to exam to help deter cheating.

I don't know, though. It's just that I studied really hard and I couldn't even cover some questions in the workbook from the lectures. I had to research them independently. The lecturer also ranted against a concept that was supposedly valid according to the quiz. I'm bamboozled. :-/

I'm trying to hang in there, though. I do enjoy the fact that I get to spend a lot more time studying and a lot less time turning in assignments compared to my old college. But I also miss writing research papers and having realistic projects for my finals.

How can concepts like psychology be taught like this?

I don't think I'll be staying past a semester. I don't know yet for sure and there's plenty of time to make up my mind.

Another tidbit of news about Brennan... he disco danced this morning. No, I am not kidding. Saturday Night Fever was on TV and he saw John Travolta dancing in the disco club and broke in to dance him self, mostly trying to imitate John Travolta, LOL. It was absolutely hilarious and adorable to watch. :)

He is really one dynamic kid. One of my friends told me the other day that she was with a woman that had a girl around Brennan's age and the woman commented that her child was very hyper. My friend told her, "You haven't seen hyper until you've seen little Brennan!" I about died with laughter when she told me about that. I'm just grateful that while he's very silly, energetic, and daring that he's also very loving, sweet, helpful (or tries, LOL), intelligent, "good" tempered, and well adjusted. He plays hard but he helps us pick up, puts away his own laundry, isn't mean to anyone, and is totally fun to play and interact with (though exhausting! LOL). He also takes his naps and bed time schedule very well (goes right to sleep) and sleeps the entire night (12 hours) and then two hours for his naps. Of course he totally has exhausted himself by those points, hahaha.

He seems to always be in a growth spurt now. I put him down for a nap and I could swear he's an inch or two taller when he wakes up. It seems like he's inherited a lot of my father's side of the family in his body structure. He's going to be a tall kid... with big feet. He's already in a size 7 shoe. O_O And he stays skinny as a rail no matter how much I feed him, which he must have got from David. Momma was baby-faced as a toddler. :)

I love his big, brown eyes. Wow, am I going to have problems when he gets older, LOL. I'll have to beat the girls off him with a stick. I already have to deal with every woman aged 2 to 70 flocking to him where ever we go, LOL.

I know that it's going to be fun watching this little guy grow up, though. I feel privileged to be his mother.

I'm moving again soon. I just don't know when yet... they're still cleaning and inspecting the place where we are moving. I'm so excited! New adventures lie ahead. :)

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