>two theories on what happened between the Old Testament and the New Testament

8:51 PM

>I currently have two theories about why the God of the Bible is so different between the Old and the New Testaments. One I talked about in an earlier post about the nature of sin, the other I was introduced to the other day through the study of basic Gnostic beliefs. It seems too simple... the God of the Old Testament was "evil" and the God of the New Testament was "good". Of course, there are a lot of strange beliefs to the Gnostic system that I could never imagine myself subscribing to, but I do believe one should not simply discount them as the early Church did. What if the God of the Old Testament was not really God per se but instead the Isrealites idea of what God wanted got screwed up by the very violent religions of the people surrounding them? It would make perfect sense as to why God felt the need to come down in the form of Jesus Christ. His message got lost...

It's an interesting and (to me) very realistic thought. Of course I know most of Orthadox Christianity would not agree...

but to me "the unexamined life is not worth living." (Socrates) Neither is the unexamined faith.

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