>moving blues

2:48 PM

>I'm so totally not ever going back to sleeping on a coil mattress again. I am in love with my new memory foam mattress. I also found a cedar bedroom set that's like my old one with a bookshelf headboard only better - it's a queen size and it has reading lights. The set also came with a beautiful cedar chest. I'm in love! :)

I also got a big couch that goes across two walls and has lots of fluffy pillows. Brennan is crazy about it. He's been trying to help me clean the new place by dusting and handing me things to put up. He is such sweet little guy. :)

It's been raining a lot. So I've gotten little moving done today. We at least have the essentials here, though. I need to order a smart frame for the mattress and find a washer and dryer still.

Rain, rain, go away. :P

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