>Router Gods, Miscellaneous Laptop Parts, Sneakers With Super Powers, High Powered Stun Guns, Gold Fish, and a Snail... Oh My!

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Image representing NETGEAR as depicted in Crun...My new favorite brand of router :)
I just tried out the Netgear Genie beta, and I must say it's pretty awesome. It saved me a few troubleshooting steps on a connection issue by letting me know there was a problem in the connection between the modem and the router.

I don't think I'll be going back to a Linksys/Cisco router any time soon. I loved my Rangemax's performance and the GUI full of helpful features. I've been blown away by the Wireless-N 300 I got to replace that, though. I absolutely love that it integrates my OpenDNS account, allows me to have a separate customizable wireless network for guests, keeps network usage statistics, and still maintains the original firmware features that help make network security a lot easier (like automatically filling in MAC addresses).

My laptop is also getting a bit of a makeover with a new screen and battery. It surprised me how cheap it was to replace the screen - the cheapest screens were $100 and I went with one that was $200 and more model specific. I think it's even better than the stock screen. Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind to get some more screens in the future... they could definitely make for some interesting "craft" projects.

It's interesting how I've just came to accept that the artist is alive in me but not in the traditional sense that it was with my grandfather. I am not a sketch artist... I enjoy more touchy-feely type mediums and I enjoy design and emotive forms more than I do realistic forms. That's why I take to crafts and design projects so easily... for me, that's an art and a way of expressing myself. It also explains why we got in to so many arguments with each other about our definitions of art, LOL.

BTW, I have found the perfect mom-of-a-stubborn-2-year-old shoes. Nike's Zoom trail running shoes. The treads are awesome on them, they're lightweight, ergonomical, well cushioned, and waterproof as well. They've also got a small stretchy cord going around the ankles, which seems like it could come to some interesting uses (I haven't tried anything yet, LOL). But the really important thing about these shoes are the treads... it means your kid can't drag you around on ANY surface, including those super smooth super market floors. It also means you can run on any surface very well, too, LOL.

I should probably mention that I have a high powered stun gun on the way. I really can't wait to get it. I will feel a lot more confident in my ability to defend myself and my son in any situation. The gun sends almost a million volts in one short blast. According to the manufacturer, the gun "will give anyone silly enough to attack you an exclusive muscle massage that will render them incapable of managing much more than drooling for about five to ten minutes." I'm wondering how on earth I'm going to test this thing out... I certainly want to know it actually works well before I actually have to use it. Hmm...

Any volunteers? ;)

We have three new members in our family. Brennan got his first pets yesterday - two goldfish and a snail. I wanted him to have something that would be easy for him to mostly take care of and cheap and easy to replace should an accident happen. He loves his new friends! He wanted to look at them all day today. I put them on a shelf in his bedroom where he can't reach but can still see what they're up to, and whenever he wants to get up close I pick him up so he can reach the bowl.

Right now I can't take any family pets but I can handle Brennan having his own pets that he can learn to take care of. I also know it's important for him to have some form of animal around - they make for great lessons in how to treat others and how to care for another life. As for family pets, though, the memories of Sammy and Winter are still too fresh. I just don't think we could ever really replace them... they were just that special and perfect for us.

Well, I've ranted about random things for quite a while now. ;) Time for me to go. :)

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