>People take their online gaming WAY too seriously

6:38 PM

>Well, looks like I've been busted by the Sorority Life police for my year old how to guide that I wrote when no one else cared enough to share any tips with the newbies online:


ROFL. Jeez, thanks guys for reminding me of why I edged off on playing that game. I'm not sure if I should be admiring your dedication or looking to get a restraining order but I have at least given in to your demands and taken my oh-so-offensive outdated guide down. Please don't hurt me. LOL

Anyways, here's that link back one of you was dying for, whatever it's worth.

P.S. Thank you to the one commenter that showed some common sense. :) I appreciated the compliment as well. However, I have disabled comments on this post as your comment made me realize that there are sure to be others coming here looking to stir up drama, and I simply don't want any part of it. This is just some little personal blog. I don't bother anyone and don't get involved in flame wars. I never thought that guide would have brought on all this, otherwise I would have never posted it. However, do not appreciate the negative PR and will throw some back right at ya just to say thank you for the love. ;)

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