8:04 PM

>A forest with a brook running through. Noisy brook. Fresh water; clean water. Special water.

A man walks by that brook. A very special man that glows with a very special light. Skipping stones. Dusty feet. Long, tangled hair.

He tells me I have a pure heart, a faithful heart. I am surprised to hear this. But I thought I strayed... ?

He was walking beside me the entire time. He was showing me things the entire time. But I trusted a man with a serpent's tongue. The lion. The tree. The sky. The special system. All from Him. But the man did not believe, so I reluctantly followed.

How was I still faithful?

I remembered. I did not trust completely. We all kept store of exactly what happened. And we found our way. Not only that, we dug for proof despite the reassurance that this man gave that he was true.

And he would have never been able to pass through this special door. This was reserved for us.

We have not seen a shining man yet. But we have at least seen the human one. And we love what we have heard and seen.

I have showed thee new things, even hidden things, and thou didst not know them.
Issiah 48:6

Ellis Skollfield has probably changed my life forever. For the better. :) Thank you so much.

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