11:22 PM

>We got this skateboard for Boogie right before he hit 2. He can already "walk" the skateboard and even flip it a little. We might have a skater on our hands, just like his daddy, lol.

This is my "mini sanctuary". It includes the Serenity Prayer as well as scriptural quotes from Col. 3:14, 1 Peter 1:22, and some other scriptures about the value of faith. I think the oil warmer adds a nice fragrant touch. And it sits right in the cubby hole of my headboard for easy morning and night time access. :)

This was definitely a priceless shot of Boogie and his daddy goofing off together.

And if God can make all things new, shouldn't I, someone in His image, be able to make some things new as well? I painted my grandfather's "art box" purple and painted a few things that would have made him turn over in his grave if he had one.

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