>To the sociopath that thinks he's smarter than God

4:33 PM

>It never fails to amaze me how DCF will snap up bogus child abuse reports with no problem, but should someone actually try to report a real case of abuse, DCF makes it a pain in the butt to actually get a report filed.

What a useless waste of tax money. DCF may no longer be HRS but that doesn't mean they have changed for the better. It seems like instead of changing for the better they have changed for the worse. It's impossible to get through their phone system and a phone system is pretty much all they have now. No real live people you can talk to, at all.

*sighs* Sorry little ones. You are stuck on your own when it comes to this country people want to still call "America". This is what you can expect:

No help from the government with getting out of an abusive environment
Intimidation from the government on any reports made, even by you
Disbelief from schools and psychiatric clinics and well, people in general
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that quickly escalates in to dissociative disorders thanks to the lack of real help
Lack of trust in anyone
"Slavery" to a dysfunctional family belief system

But on the upside, there's always Multiple Personality Disorder, which protects children from feeling the full consequences of abuse until they are old enough to handle the memories. And man, is that one big explosion when they finally figure out they have other people inside that remember and can tell them exactly how you screwed them up, from birth on up.

So to those of you who think you can cult program your kids in to serial killers...

God always gets the "last laugh" when it comes to his creations. So go ahead. Have fun. And wait to see what happens. In about 30 years you are going to find out how exactly God gets that "last laugh at your expense". When there is trauma, God always puts an "angel" inside to protect.

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