9:56 AM

>I want to know what good inner peace and salvation does you when you have a husband that thinks "watching our son" involves tuning him out while he makes a mess. Or that tells you that you shouldn't have used a glass bowl after your son breaks it when it's the ONLY clean bowl in the house because your husband can't seem to manage to keep up with dishes, the one real responsibility he has right now besides trash and helping with our son.

I'm getting angrier and angrier. I am working hard and finding time to play, too. I have turned our place around in less than a week. But he can't manage to keep up with dishes enough for us to have any dishes at all. No plates, no bowls, no cups, etc.

Forgive me Lord for the sins that live in my heart and please cleanse this anger from me so I may deal with this in a righteous manner. Amen.

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