There was a girl that fell from a star...

9:08 PM


Country Roads IA new path to freedom
Living life with honor, balance, simplicity, love, patience, and peace.

That is what I'm doing at the moment. I really enjoy this person I am becoming. It seems more like me but a me from a long time ago, lol.

There is a lot of nasty stuff in the world, and it seems that I've seen the worst of it without even knowing I did.

And well... the majority of my family has ditched me, but strangely enough, I feel a little more at peace not having to try to live up to their "standards".

I have unfortunately also seen how wrong a lot of people in this country seem to be. This is not really the country that was described in the Constitution any more. Far, far, FAR from it.

*smiles* I could have ruled the world. ;) But I gave it up for this little girl inside... that's who I want to be, the real me.

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