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4:54 PM



I could almost swear that I have the absolute worst mother-in-law in the world.

What kind of person abuses people then tells them they “need to get their act together” because they run away from that abuse? Not to mention – and I really laughed my butt off on this one – this woman actually thinks I want to go to her house in the first place and that banning me from it is going to do me some great punishment.

Talk about denial!

Regardless, I will continue to pray that she finds Christ inside. I know He’s in there somewhere trying to get her attention. But He did give us free will, and I will never understand why some choose to reject Him for the sins of the world (I’ve spent a good majority of my life looking for Him and Him alone like I am prone to assume most people do).

However, that’s no reason to expose myself nor my son to the demonic forces at work in that house. She can try all she wants to, but she is not going to divide or break what God has put together.What God has put together, let no (wo)man take apart. Amen.

And if you’re reading this dear mother-in-law, there’s a great church across the street from the college. You probably know it as the mayor’s church. And yah, he’s “colored” like me. Got a problem with that? ;)

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