>Yup, still an XP fan and probably always will be

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Windows XP

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As much as I like Windows 7, I must say I am still the most comfortable and happy with Windows XP on my MSI Wind U100. Oddly enough my big, powerful HP Pavillion DV7-1280US has ended up being a server and stereo system for my bedroom than anything else. I can definitely now see why netbooks are so popular. They're small, easy and simple and they do just what you want your laptop to do; nothing more and nothing less. And I'm not exactly crazy about Windows 7 Starter vs. Windows XP on a netbook. Maybe Windows 7 is still just too new to be that stable or compatible, but yes, there are enough issues with getting software to work on Windows 7 to make me not particularly fond of using it. Not to mention those icons get pretty annoying once you have several different pages open under the same program (like Word).

It will be a sad day indeed once Microsoft cuts off support for XP completely.

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