>A whole, a creation of God Himself

4:51 PM


The Kingdom of God is here on Earth, inside every true “Christian”. I use that term so lightly now because I have come to realize that the universal truth goes right over the heads of almost every religion and belief system currently available en mass on Earth at the moment. “Christianity” is the common term because it’s the closest you can get, but God is in so very much more than just a book.

I remembered, just now, making that proclamation when I was 5 years old. I think I was laughed at at the time. But I’m an adult now, and I don’t care if anyone laughs at these kinds of ideas now. I know I’m not the only one saying them and I know from personal experience that this is truth.

The real, honest to God truth.

LOL, you know, I will never be perfect. But I’m ok with that now and God’s always been ok with it. It’s been other people that have not been ok with it, and they’ve always been the type of people that would point out a straw in your eye when they have a rafter in their own eye. It’s hard to believe that at various points in my life I have placed those people’s voices over the voice of God. But then again it just goes to show me how the Devil really works. It’s not nearly as much through terrorizing people with demons as it is terrorizing people with God through other people just so that person becomes so very lost they cannot find the Light of the Holy Spirit inside themselves any more.

That light is so clear to children and so distant to many adults it is saddening. Especially when those adults profess to be Christian and Christ himself instructed us to be as children in our faith.

I have died Christ’s death and been reborn. I have been the Phoenix for so long I never realized there would be an end to those rebirths, but I think I’m finally reaching that end. There’s a lot of trauma still to work through, but at least I can work through it as a whole person and not a scrambled mess of separated personalities.

It just took three good Christians to finally seal things up for me. Plus myself. Four. You know what three and four means.

Yes, I am quite heavy in to Biblical numerology. You can always seem to find it in God’s work.

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