>An interesting day

1:43 PM


Well, today has been one very interesting day.

First and foremost, David has finally found work. The guy that ran the cab company here got out of the hospital and David was one of the first people he called on to drive for him.

I realized probably the best way to sell my products is going to be a period of giving away free samples with my phone number on the label. If people like them, they’ll call to buy more (that’s the theory anyways).

I looked so pretty today. :) I’m really digging the whole no/minimal makeup thing.


Brennan is learning new words every day. Like, we cannot even keep up with this kid any more. Every word he hears and understands to mean “this” or “that” he repeats and keeps repeating until it’s a part of his vocabulary. He’s quite sophisticated for a two year old and sometimes I wonder if he hasn’t got what they call “an old soul”.

My heart beats for that little guy. He is amazing. And I must say so is David for putting up with as much as he had but still being able to wrap his arms around me and kiss me and show he still loves me. Also for accepting that I have this disorder and attempting to understand not only the disorder itself but also attempting to get to know my other “selves” and helping them when they needed help. He made sure the littles were fed and well taken care of and made sure the alters all understood that he was on their side and no one else’s. He made some mistakes but he is human after all ;) and it’s not like those mistakes were unfixable. He has come a long way from the man he was when we got married, and I am proud of him. And yes, I know, I should say that more often, especially to his face. He needs to know someone is proud of him because his mother certainly lets him know loud and clear how worthless she thinks he is. *growls*

So much evil in this world! But we can stand strong and be made holy in God’s Light. :)

IMAG0001-1 Wall flowers, haha.

IMAG0007 Sexy. ;)

IMAG0006 Always cute! :D

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