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I started to actually send this to the intended addressee but I realized that if my words haven’t reached by now, they never will. However, this is a good letter… so I am going to share it here in hopes that it may touch someone that needs it.

You should know this. And yah, this is going to be a two page email. But this time, I am as “sane” as can be because I know the truth now.

I am praying that Abba sends one of his angels down to guard over your son and help lead him to the Light when he is old enough to understand the things he sees now are not who he is but who his father wants him to be.

I have given up on worldly systems providing any real justice. I don't really blame them for this lack of justice any more. Imperfect humans are not even remotely capable of carrying out any real justice.

Just know that right now what you are doing is exactly how I became multiple: “cult” programming techniques. A guy that claimed to be trained by Ellis Skolfield used this against me to further confuse my mind and attempted to gain my obedience to him so he could rip me off. Your son is going to end up having multiple personality disorder at this rate, if he hasn't split already. When a young child is exposed to horrors beyond their comprehension, one half of their personality leaves the scene to return later to help them cope and create new personalities to deal with the situations that arise. We are born IN to sin. By that I mean sin is a disease that we gain from our family belief systems. Our hearts may be pure but our minds wander and can be made prisoners by the beliefs our families and our society teaches us we “should” have.

That's why you will never create the antichrist in a human being. The psychological system that God built will not allow this. Not to mention the antichrist is a spirit of rebellion and self righteousness, not an actual person, and the antichrist is already here. Has been here for thousands of years.

In Jesus Christ's name, all demons in your household are rebuked and commanded to return to the place from which they came from. Christ, please shine down your light seven times brighter than day on this family and allow them to find the path to your salvation and grace. Amen.

You got to be ready to let go of them though yourself and say amen yourself for that prayer to work. I just laid the framework.

And if you get your girlfriend to message me with verbal abuse again I will report her for harassment, because this is between me and you, not me and her. I know you've brain washed her first of all and second of all I don't even know her; she's a stranger to me as much as I am a stranger to her. This is none of her business. It SHOULD be her business as that child's mother but she's evidently made that child all YOUR business. Her voice has no authority whatsoever here. In all seriousness, yours doesn't either. You can guess whose voice does so if you want to bitch, bitch at Him. You've done plenty of it in your lifetime as it is so a few more words shouldn't “hurt”.

I leave you in peace, Ex. I hope that you will be able to leave me in peace as well. But I can guess that you won't. So this will be the last time I ever check this email account, and it's getting deleted after I send off this email. If you have something to say you can send it to a different address.

Ah, one last thing I wanted to say. Thank you for destroying all my stuff. It really helped me to start learning about how much importance one should put on material possessions. God worked through you to HELP me when that was the last thing you probably wanted Him to do, LOL. Wow, it amazes me how awesome He is. Despite everything from the government to families to ex friends and lovers to actual churches distorting His message and presence, He still manages to find a way to get through to those who really seek Him.

He's calling you. One of these days you need to answer that call for real. And yah, it may take going “crazy” for a while to finally figure out which voice is His and follow it.

That’s my closure to this. I’m giving all my concerns about it to God, and also to an unknown audience that may learn from my journey, mistakes and all. It’s time that we all started making a stand for the children of this world. The government does a pretty bad job at looking out for them so yes it is up to us as it should be to protect these children to the best of our (legal) capabilities and help them to find Christ, the real protector/guardian of us all. We all are responsible for children, whether they are our biological children or not. It is the sacred duty of ALL of us to show children what God’s true light is like. When we fail to do this we rob them of salvation and rebirth, effectively taking on their blood to ourselves rather than allowing Christ’s blood to cleanse them of all sin (this means sins of the parents too, not just the child’s personal sins).

This child’s parents are doing what I know many people would not even dream of doing to a baby. They’re making sure that child’s first exposure to the world is that of murder and sociopathic behavior through the constant observation of horror movies. The father glorifies this behavior and the mother defends it. If you are a true Christian reading this, I ask of you to please pray for this child. His name is Jason, and yes, that name was intended to be the namesake of the fictional serial killer from Friday the 13th. Jason was born in the time of Sagittarius and is not yet one year old. For this child’s safety, I cannot give more information than that. Just pray and remind God of this post and He will know exactly which child these prayers are meant for. This child really needs as many prayers as he can get, especially since his name has been given in pursuit of Satan’s “glory”. There’s hope yet in that name though… it’s got 5 letters in it.

I’m going to end this with some book recommendations.

The Shining Man with Hurt Hands – Ellis Skolfield

The Bondage Breaker – Neil T. Anderson

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