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I haven't posted here in quite a while as you may have noticed. I guess I've been in one of those life transitions where I know I'm on the edge of some major change but am still unsure about what that change will be exactly. I find myself becoming appalled at what the internet has become. It seems that now days it serves more as a bragging platform for those with small brains and low self esteems than it does a communications platform for those with a vested interest in the exchange of new ideas and information. Graphics take precedence over actual content and the vast majority of blogs have became absolutely useless. Even the most accomplished blog writers I knew of have now ditched their compositions for fluffy graphics and photos with quick blurbs. Let's not forget the people that don't even know how to type in proper English.The internet right now as we know it is quickly becoming a trash can for our most useless garbage. And if you actually do manage to make an intelligent contribution, you can fully expect to get a line up of morons ready to complain about the stupidity of your contribution when they can't even spell the word "stupid" their selves. I wonder how my son is going to adapt in such a world, especially since I am making sure he has a strong grasp of technology and its purposes. It's kind of scary to wonder where the next generations of programmers and engineers are going to come from.

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