>single again

7:33 AM


It feels so strange to be single again. Especially with a two year old. I have to admit there’s a lot of worry about the future. Will we ever get back together again? If not, who on earth would I date if I ever date again? Who would want to date me? Is our son going to grow up loving one parent and hating the other? Is this going to scar him for life?

I won’t lie, I want David back. But I want the happy David back even more. And if he can’t find happiness with me there’s not much I can do except wish him luck finding happiness with someone else.

I will always believe we were the closest to soul mates you can get.

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  1. >Hey girl, it'll be okay. You'll see. Sometimes things happen for a reason ya know? But I hope you both get back together. You were such an awesome couple. I know it's hard. Believe me. The worst thing in the world is to lose your soul mate and trust me, I know this very well. But you'll be fine. If you need to talk, I'm always here. :] Love, Nikki