>Cell phone explodes in man's ear

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You have, perhaps, occasionally had your ear bitten off over the phone. However, fewer are the people who have experienced their phone actually exploding into their ear, causing bleeding and a strange sensation of surprise.However, such is the claim being made by one Aron Embry of Cedar Hills, Texas, who told Fox4 in Dallas Fort-Worth that his two-day-old Motorola Droid 2 blew up on him without reason as he was getting into his car. His description to Fox4 offers an atmosphere redolent of David Cronenberg: "I heard a pop. I didn't feel any pain initially. I pulled the phone down. I felt something dripping. I realized that it was probably was blood."

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-20024611-71.html#ixzz179Ro7oTy

Now, this could just be some sort of media stunt. But it would be kind of interesting if this happened for real. What on earth could make a cell phone screen explode?
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