My Cyberbully

7:36 PM

I'm having issues with my mother in law cyberbullying me. She says the most hurtful things on my Facebook, and it seems like she has a million Facebook accounts under different pseudonyms. And poor David is caught in the middle of it all. He's the one that watches me rage and cry and try to understand why in the world she says such hateful, spiteful things to me. Why on earth this woman insists on stalking me like some sort of crazed pervert. I say nothing to her and I avoid her as much as possible yet she still gets drunk and decides to pick on me. The worst part is her son doesn't even talk to her about anything because she's like this but she think she knows everything that goes on in our relationship anyways. She alienates her entire family in this fashion because she bullies every last one of them as well.


I'm trying to give it all to God but that's a lot of giving to do as you can see by that last paragraph, LOL.

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