2:13 PM

Today has been a rough day with some rough decisions to make. I find my world view is changing. Please stay tuned while I make some adjustments. :)

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  1. Hang in there! I enjoy your blog quite a bit. It's nice to read comments from an every day user instead of one of the self-appointed apostles. You'd think that they would recognize that opinions like yours are more important to the Linux movement than yet another sermon from a tech-god. If Linux is ever going to be the chosen desktop platform for the masses it will be because of people like you.

  2. I've found your blog today, by accident. You seem to be an interesting person. I like this " I'm no expert, but i have an opinion" attitude. I started similar blog about things i do as hobby, i wanted to write about linux and wordpress and some other things. I put it aside for a while and this blog of yours somehow inspired me to give it another shot. Whatever your decisions , don't stop bloging.
    And, BTW, nice legs!