We Need Your Help

6:52 PM

I don't ask for much, but I'm asking for your help now.


I am $200 short on rent for this month. If I don't have it by the 25th my family and I will be evicted (that includes a three year old son). We don't have any options on places to go... there's a homeless shelter but it's extremely unsafe and unsanitary for a three year old. Losing my home could also result in the Department of Children and Families taking my son away due to my inability to provide a home for him. This would prove to be very traumatizing to him as he is very happy with his family as it is now, as you can see in the featured image for this post.


Please click on the "Chip In" button on the right side of this page. Contribute whatever you can... even $5 will help.


Thank you in advance.


xjonquilx | Mepis, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux, Oh My!


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