Inside Out - Reveille

8:49 PM

Tell me what I'm supposed 
To feel because I can't feel this  
Sick and tired and it's all the same  
Same shit, different day, all day, every day

Wish you were perfect  

Well welcome to your fifteen minutes of fame  
Come get it well it's hot, you want it  
We got it, come get it now  
Can you feel me now?
Tell me, how I'm supposed to feel  

For you when all you do is hold me down?  
Told me I'm nothing, well tell me  
 What you're thinking now
So back off, never more alone than all alone 

I don't know where the hell I am  
But they say there's a price to pay for asking questions  
So I'm guessing and ending up where I began
I never got a second look before now 

I was the one that you'd ignore  
Now turn yourself inside out 
Come on, can you feel me now?
Tell me what I'm supposed  

To feel because I can't feel shit 
Hollowed out and you wonder why?  
Too much, not enough, slow down, pick it up  
Genuine adrenaline keeping me high, so high
So walk your walk, talk your talk  

But as far as I can see, on the inside out  
You're 'bout as ugly as me 
'Cept now I'm fit to knock you down
Told me I'm nothing, tell me what you're thinking now 

So back off, tell me what I'm supposed to feel for you  
Turn yourself inside out, take a closer look inside  
I think that you deserve yourself
Title match, main ring, no time to rethink  

You swim or you sink, you want it, we got it, come get it

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