Lessons in 11

6:10 AM

When you live near the beach, you learn at a very early age that when caught in an undertow, you never swim against the current, but with it. You ride that bitch out until it ends instead of trying to struggle against it. Life is a lot like that. Karma is a lot like that. I feel there are too many people in the world that think that through metaphysical understanding they can change the flow of the current... or gain the strength to swim against it... and you can't. Nature always wins. All you can do is swim with it... ride it out... see where you land... and go from there. There's an old saying my grandma used to tell me: "don't count your chickens before they hatch." No matter how many numbers you crunch... no matter how much you follow the paths of the stars and planets... you can't change their course or their effect in the end. All you can do is take what they give you and go with the flow.... it's like being handed a limited number of paint colors and brush sizes with a canvas... everyone's colors and brush sizes are different... making it impossible for someone to change the outcome of their painting, much less to copy the painting of another person... yet, everyone has the ability to create a masterpiece with what they are given...

You will never create any picture other than what Nature has intended in Her own masterpieces. You will never gain any rewards from attempting to tamper with Her design... only misfortune. If you are jealous of another's picture, then instead of trying to copy or control it, try to learn what elements of it are bothering you... and then once you know what it is exactly that you're jealous of, think about how you can work with your own mediums to create something just as fulfilling.... different, of course... but fulfilling none the less because Nature never hands you any more or any less than what you need to create the perfect and most satisfying picture you possibly can in your lifetime.

The world attest to the beauty of Her designs... The natural laws of the universe attest to Her wisdom... if you swim within Her current, only happiness lays ahead.

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