Lessons Learned From Life Recently

5:17 AM

I have experienced so much in the past few months that many can only imagine experiencing and have learned so much from those experiences that I know others can gain wisdom from that I really feel I should commit some of it to writing in my blog.

  1. "Don't count your chickens before they hatch." Only count on what you have now, and don't let the promises of what you'll have tomorrow weigh in on the decisions you have to make today. You never know if you'll get what's promised to come tomorrow, so make what you have today really count.
  2. Trust is a privilege; not a right. No one has a right to your trust. Make them earn it. Make them prove to you that you can trust them. Don't automatically give your trust to anyone. Especially if that trust involves something important in your life that can make or break it.
  3. The most vital, most valuable, most dependable assets in your life will always be your body, your soul, your heart, and your mind. People will try to tell you it's religion, or friends, or family, or your career, etc. but it's not. All those things can come and go... all those things can fail on you for one reason or another when you really need them the most. But when push comes to pull... when you're really down on your luck and absolutely have nothing at all... you will always have yourself to rely on. If you make sure to take good care of yourself, then you've got quite a powerful ally there indeed. Keep your body healthy, your soul pure, your heart happy, and your mind sharp and stocked and you will always be able to bounce back from ANY kind of hardship.
  4. "The guilty dog always barks first." If someone has wronged you and refuses to apologize or admit that they have, usually all you need to do is just listen to get your confirmation that they know they did it. If their conscience is prickly, they will seek out the opportunity to deny their wrongdoing to others that weren't even involved. That will be enough to show that they know inside what they did.
  5. "The worst you can do is fail." "The worst they can do is say no." Etc. If you don't try, you'll never know if the answer could have been yes or if you could have succeeded. I don't know about you, but if given the choice between a guaranteed failure/guaranteed no and a possible success/possible yes, I would rather go with the latter than the former. So, never let the possibility of a negative keep you from trying... because the possibility is a lot better than a guarantee from lack of trying.

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