Eye of the tiger

4:35 PM

You really screwed up this time. You didn't just mess with the woman, you messed with the tigress because you had the carelessness and the audacity to threaten her cub. In all those years of watching documentaries, haven't you ever seen what happens when the papa tiger slaps around one of his cub(s)?
The normally submissive mama always comes out of nowhere and kicks his butt....

I don't want your apologies if all you're going to do is minimize the very real danger you put us in. I also don't want them if all you're going to do is make up excuses as to why you have nothing to say for yourself that just make it evident you aren't really taking it seriously to begin with. I and he are NOT things you can just put on the back burner for days while you whore around more because you feel sorry for yourself for being such a loser. Man up, or get out.

And don't kid yourself by thinking you're all great just because I decided to keep him. I would have made the same decision had you been anyone else. You're nothing special. He is, because he's new life, and I know it's not my place to judge his right to live it. Our society lets child molesters and murderers live theirs... yet you would argue I should end a life that hasn't even started? What did HE do to deserve that?

One day, you will realize just what you gave up so carelessly. And with the way I feel right now, I hope it eats you alive with real, genuine regret and not just self pity.

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