10:01 PM

The strange thing is knowing had he coerced me to take the path he wanted, then done this, I wouldn't have been able to live with myself for allowing him to do it.

I didn't just spare a child's life... I spared my own. And now I just hope I can raise him to be the man his father could not bring himself to be.

It happened once before, and I went along with it. It almost killed me. Now I can see the reason for that was now, so I would not ever let anyone do that again. It made me stronger, made me more aware of myself, made me more capable of saying no, made me better able to see what was really important in the big scheme of things.

And now, he has to live with the decisions he has made. Maybe this is a learning experience for him, so that he may not repeat such decisions in the future. I hope so. I hope it ends here.

I love you, G. Your brother loves you. Your gram and grandpa loves you. Your great grandma loves you. You are coming into a great family, father or no. A family that will care about you, understand your struggles, support your endeavors, guide you down a higher path, listen to you, cherish you for who you are and not who they think you should be. Despite all of this, you will be blessed.

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