Calling all light bearers!

7:08 AM

I think this hiatus of mine has really lasted long enough, and I am ready to return to working on this blog again....

In the time I've spent away, and I don't mean just the time since my last post but the time since I really completely shifted my focus away from this blog (much longer), I've come to learn quite a bit about myself.

This isn't going to become some big, long winded diatribe about my self discoveries. But I do want to note one of those discoveries has been that I am and will always be a writer and an artist first and foremost. Before I'm a nerd, before I'm any kind of geek, before anything else. It turns out that the voice I've spent my life searching for was with me all along. I just had to recognize it for what it was, and USE it.

And you know what? As an artist, as a dreamer, as a highly intelligent being, I have actually earned the right to be a little bit crazy, because intelligence, dreams, and creativity simply are not possible without a little bit of insanity (scientifically proven). Crazy though does not equal unworthy, or psychotic, or violent, or any of the negative connotations it's gained within our narcissistic society. It just means you're different from the status quo, and that there is a primary need to figure out how to adapt your life within society to your specific quirks, because you're not going to be able to fit your endless lines and curves and sharp turns in to a square box... and that's ok....

Because the world needs us "weirdos". The world may not want to acknowledge right now that we are needed, but that is exactly when we are needed more than ever. When the world's light starts to flicker, we are the ones that keep the flame burning. We are the light bearers.

And as long as we do not give up that light, the world has hope. When the light bearers start refusing to carry the light any longer, is when the world is really in trouble...

So. No more trying to figure myself out, trying to change, trying to fit in to a world I don't fit in to. Just because majority rules doesn't make majority RIGHT.

I am a light bearer, and I am going to let my light shine. :)

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