Our culture is broken...

1:52 PM

Today as I was on my way to my oldest son's doctor appointment, I noticed a billboard for Subway that read "Chicken Rotisserie: No Anti-Biotics". It gave me pause.

Am I the only one that sees something wrong here?

Since when did it become something special to NOT serve potentially dangerous food? Shouldn't that be a standard and not an exception?

It seems our culture has became one of convenience, sloth, and apathy for everyone, everything... even ourselves. We accept poisoned food. We accept less than comfortable wages for more than comfortable amounts of labor. Our time is completely consumed by the struggle, and yet no one ever seems to question if this is really the way it should be. If they do, they forget about it by the time they scroll down.

We're dying. It's not just a metaphorical statement. Literally. Scientists announced months ago that for SURE we are going to be EXTINCT within the next few generations, by our own hands. Not just us. All life. Because of US. And in another billion years, our entire universe is going to blink out of existence entirely.

I thought when I saw this news that SURELY NOW people would stand up and take notice. The scientists said there was still a tiny window of time to change this course, but that we would have to act big and act fast to make it. SURELY the government will now start taking drastic measures to cut down on pollution, deforestation, littering, etc. SURELY this will become a national emergency, something that everyone everywhere is worried about.

The news didn't even make a ripple. Not one.

WTF is wrong with you people? Do you not understand at all what is at stake? Your life, your measly, pathetic little life, means absolutely NOTHING in the grand scheme of things; but our continuation as a species DOES. Your life is only worth what you contribute to your own species, the same as any other damn animal on the planet. Do you really have no care at all to whether your kid's kids ever come in to existence? To what kind of world you are leaving for your own kids, those precious smiling faces that you shower in affection and love and hope the best for, to live in?

Evidently not. Evidently the racism driven riots and political mud slinging and all the other truly unimportant crap is what you have prioritized above all else, including our very existence on this planet. Or anywhere.

Back in the 90s, I would have never guessed the internet would have this evil of an effect on our society. Instead, I imagined a positive effect similar to what I experienced - the increased awareness of other cultures and people, world events, and learning experiences overall. I had hoped that the internet would bring people from different backgrounds and cultures closer together. That it would help clarify the truths for everyone, and refute the lies.

Yes, I will probably always be the eternal idealist. Always believing in the best.


What have we become? :(

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