>Winter’s Disappearance into Night

3:28 PM

>She sat on the bench.
Black boots digging into cold white sand.
The chilling wind biting her face.
Stinging her tears.
She waited.
Maybe she was dead.
Maybe she was hurt.
But she'd never just leave.
She believed this.
Her heart was tangled in the trees.
Black lace that grips the weak.
The dark hands passed.
Slapping her as they left.
And still she waits.
Waits for someone who'll never come.
Winter fades.
The candle becomes dark.
And the black lace is now dripping with red.
Night has won.
Another child lies dead.
No one cries for the lost.
The souls unremembered.
Never laid to rest.
And still she waits.
And still I wait.

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