3:29 PM

>your grin at me
oh you're such a child
innocent and sweet
unbruised and unbroken
you're heaven to me
I wish I were like you
but I'm freezing and I'm cold
so afraid I'll spoil this perfection
this perfection named you
while I grovel among the ashes of my life
you fly above with the music and the angels
of my deepest dreams
and I reach out
I reach out for just one touch of that
silken hair cascading down into your eyes
blinding you from seeing
seeing what I really am
and seeing what is truly to be seen
my tears mix with my blood
sorrow for that time I never knew
that time I once was you
you'll never see the misery
the misery named me
this failure
my failure you'll never see
oh, how your confusion tortures me!

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