>Johnson’s No More Rash Diaper Rash Cream – A Review

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Johnson’s No More Rash Diaper Rash Cream is a marvelous little item I ventured across a few months ago. A few months ago Brennan developed a nasty diaper rash. The ointment we used at the time (Bourdeux’s Butt Paste) wasn’t doing anything for the rash. We decided to check out another ointment, and Johnson’s No More Rash Diaper Rash Cream caught my eye.

The front of the tube claims to be a 3-in-1 formula. Below that it explains that the three things it does are:

  • Helping to heal diaper rash
  • Forming a protective barrier
  • Soothing red, irritated skin

Sounds pretty typical, right? Well, let’s look at the back…

The active ingredient is Zinc Oxide at 13%. Still sounds pretty normal. What really caught my eye was the ingredients…

This tube lists the following important things in its ingredients:

  • oat kernel flour – Oatmeal is like magic for the skin. It soothes and it helps with healing.
  • lanolin – This one is familiar from when I was breast feeding. This stuff is great for battered up nipples. It soothes, it protects, and it helps heal.
  • panthenol – This is good for skin conditioning.
  • vitamin E – This is good for skin conditioning.

At around $4 it’s a great deal, too, so I figured we had nothing to lose by purchasing it.

Well, it didn’t clear up that rash. We ended up having to give Brennan a prescription ointment prescribed by his pediatrician because it was thrush. It’s an unknown as to how he developed it because we change his diaper every time he goes.

By this time though I wanted to test this ointment out more. This is why – Bourdeux’s Butt Paste, the only ointment we had found to work at all with Brennan, is a really nasty, sticky consistency, so much so that it seems to irritate his skin some while putting it on. It also means you end up having to use a lot. On top of that, you can’t get it on any fabric because it will stain it.

I had none of these problems with Johnson’s No More Rash Diaper Rash Cream. The consistency is smooth, cool, and creamy. It doesn’t state, and a little bit of it goes a long way because it goes on so smoothly.

I soon found out that when Brennan got a rash, this stuff really worked. It soothed his rash as I put it on since it felt cool and glided on smoothly. It also cleared up his rash fast… usually only one, maybe two applications were necessary. I didn’t get anywhere near that kind of performance out of Bourdeux’s Butt Paste… it usually took a few days of constant applications to clear up the rash.

I’ve been using this diaper rash ointment for 3 months now and it has became by far the best diaper rash ointment I’ve used. If you’re looking for something that just works and doesn’t break your wallet, check this one out. :)

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  1. I do not think this cream works at all for an actual rash. maybe for prevention. for a rash i will be buying thr puples desitin from now on! As good of a name as johnsons has why id this stuff mostly found in the dollarstore?? Its cheaply made

  2. Look, I appreciate your comment, but you sound like an astroturfer for Desitin. Your comment is nothing but FUD.

    You start out by saying you "think" it doesn't work. You don't say you tried it and it didn't work, you just throw an opinion out there with no weight behind it.

    Then you recommend Desitin. Hmmm... astroturf much?

    Then comes the major FUD part. "Why IS this stuff mostly found in the dollarstore?" Well first of all, it's not at the dollarstore as in Dollar Tree. Maybe it's in general stores like Dollar General, but so is Desitin and Bordeux's.

    Then you accuse it of being cheaply made, but you give no support for this (the same as the rest of your statements). More FUD. Personally, I would say products like Desitin are the ones that are cheaply made - usually the only ingredient they have that is beneficial to the skin is zinc oxide. Meanwhile this one has four ingredients other than zinc oxide that have proven beneficial for skin problems, and one of those ingredients, lanolin, DEFINITELY is not cheap.

    Thank you for your comment. Feel free to comment again, but only if you have supporting facts for the statements you make.

  3. Just checked out your profile, and it is suspiciously like that of an astroturfer or spammer...

    So if you DON'T respond to my reply, I will be deleting your initial comment.