>How to make ringtones for your Motorola i465 on Boost Mobile

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What you need:
  • a data cable (you don't need one that's specifically for the i465... just find a micro USB cable online. I found mine brand new for 99 cents on Amazon.com and it was labeled as a Blackberry data cable. An example of this can be found here.)
  • MyJAL MediaPAL or a similar application that has the ability to upload ringtones to iDEN mobile phones
  • dBpoweramp or a similar application that is capable of producing 8 bit mono PCM .WAV files
  • Zedge.net or another site or software application that is capable of editing the length of tracks and converting them to .MP3s

  • I don't know if this works over Bluetooth or not. I'm guessing it does because the only issue I ever ran in to trying to upload a ringtone via Bluetooth was having the wrong file format. This will more than likely get tested soon as transferring files over Bluetooth is more convenient for me.
  • dBpoweramp is trial ware. I'll let you know if I come across a free application that is capable of producing the right kind of .WAV files.
  • Zedge.net and other sites are not too crazy about you sharing digital content that you don't own the copyrights to. So make sure that if you're making the ring tone from a copyrighted media file it's a private download and not a public one.
  • This is by no means a step by step tutorial. I'm just running you through what I did to get ringtones uploaded on to my phone.
  • This will more than likely not just work on the i465 on Boost Mobile but all Motorola iDEN cell phones that are on Boost Mobile.

First you will need to make an account at Zedge.net. Once you've opened an account, go to the ringtone maker and use it to convert your media file in to a 30 second or less .MP3. Make it a private download and download the new file. Next open up dBpoweramp and use the converter to turn the .MP3 into an 8 bit mono PCM .WAV file. Once this is done, connect your phone to your computer using the data cable, open up MyJAL MediaPAL, and connect. Once you're connected go to the ringtone uploader and use it to upload your ringtone. It should automatically become the primary ringtone (Line 1) on your phone's current profile.

***UPDATE: This also works on the Motorola i335 with Boost Mobile, which uses a regular mini USB cable. You can find one cheap here.***

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  1. >I don't know if I am typing this in the right spot regarding the "make your own ring tones." whoever put the instructions on the page is a genius. I was determined to make my own and nothing stopped me. Now I can get obscure ringtones. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!albion411@yahoo.com

  2. >How to make custom ringtones for Sprint Motorola i465 clutch using MAC Apple computer by Saving Files Correctly.You will need SoftwareBluetooth File Exchange (should be on your mac)AmadeusPro http://www.hairersoft.com/AmadeusPro/1: Open your sound file with a editor2: Make sure its no longer then 20 seconds audio 3: Click Sound/ Convert track to Mono4: Save a copy as a .Wav at 8000k hertz (resample) uncompressed5: open that NEW file back into the editor6: Save that file as a NeXT/Sun (.au)7: transfer that file to phone using Bluetooth File Exchange. File/Send File...8: if you haven't setup your phone then read the .pdf manual users guide on page 549: If done correctly the file will save on phone. If not you did not save the files correctly start over :)10: You CAN NOT make the ring tone the default! you must apply ringer in contacts individually.

  3. >Thank you for posting Mac specific instructions, mblack. I'm sure those Mac users out there will appreciate it! :)