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So Alexa is telling me you want to know about Blogger vs. Wordpress.

Overall Blogger and Wordpress are about the same. The differences don't really come in until you decide to install Wordpress on a server. This of course requires some know how (although I'm pretty confident most people can figure it out from the tutorial), but if you want enhanced functionality it's necessary. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for your site because now you can not only edit the code for your site you can edit the management software's code as well. You also now have your own database for storing user and/or author accounts. Let's not forget Wordpress's huge collection of installable widgets.

As far as the actual web hosts Blogger and Wordpress go, I really prefer Blogger. Blogger gives you plenty of space for media storage, more widget choices, more control over your website design (Wordpress forces you to pick one of their templates and doesn't allow you to edit the code for them without paying a fee), and they don't charge for custom domain usage like Wordpress does. There's also the fact that Wordpress IMHO charges way too much for individual options like using a custom domain.

Another thing I like about Blogger is its simplicity and straight-forward nature. Wordpress can drown you in a sea of options, which is great for people who want to spend all day configuring their website but not all that great for those of us who are too busy to do much more than write. When I had no life, I used Wordpress because all those options helped fill the time gaps. Now I've got a kid and a hubby and a house and school though... I just don't have the time to spend on a fully customized website.

So it comes down to this - Wordpress is great if you install it on a server and want a lot of functionality and options to play around with. Blogger is great if you just want to set up a blog with little fuss and get down to writing.Which one you should choose all depends on what you want out of your blogging software because they're both great platforms that serve different purposes.

Oh, for those of you that may be wanting something a little more challenging and even more flexible than Wordpress, check out Drupal.

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