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I've spent a few days now on Windows 7.

First and foremost, I was a little disappointed to discover Windows 7 doesn't do much better on my machine than Windows Vista did. I'm hoping that acquiring a solid state hard drive in my second hard drive bay and installing Windows 7 to it will give a some better boot and shut down times. I have however found that program start up and graphics are a lot smoother than they were on Windows Vista, which is a bit of a relief with certain programs like Microsoft Word 2007 that used to take a little bit of time to start up. Now programs are pretty even the Microsoft Office suite items are pretty snappy on their start .

I especially like the layout of Windows 7... in some ways. As per usual, Microsoft has moved around and renamed some important advanced configuration options such as what used to be network connection settings and is now called adapter settings. The actual user interface is a lot nicer though. I'm especially impressed with the way multiple programs are that running is handled now. Programs in the system tray are now nicely w.

Programs in the running in the system tray are now nicely tucked away in a separate menu:

Everything that's open in the task bar is now represented by an icon rather than the actual name of the program. Hovering over the icon brings up a list a list of thumbnails representing the different windows that are open under that program:

You can also pin frequently used programs to the task bar. Clicking on them opens them, and any further windows opened underneath underneath them will also appear in the thumb nails:

This is the frequently used documents/folders list. If you open any directories, they will appear under this button's thumb nails:

Aereo Snap is quite useful as well. I found myself using it last night to research Borderline Personality Disorder and write an essay on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of it at the same time:

The thing I really love about this is that you don't have to resize What windows to accomplish the side-by-side trick and within just a few clicks you can put them back at full or a (just move click on the window border and drag the window to the furthest top right or left corner of the screen) click and drag to the center of top center of the screen you can have your windows back to being full screen.

Getting connected to a new network isn't nearly as much of a pain as it was in Vista in Windows 7 as it was in Windows Vista either. Instead of having to open a new window to view the available networks, you can click on the network icon to get a drop down menu of the available networks along with your connection status:

As for networking, I did have an issue with the Intel PRO wireless card driver for Windows 7 on my HP Pavillion DV7-2180US. It connected (sometimes) but I either could instant message and not browse or could not get any form of internet access at all. Uninstalling the Windows 7 driver and reinstalling the Windows Vista driver seems to have solved this issue.

So, overall, now I am running pretty good on Windows 7. It wasn't nearly what was expected, but when is any Microsoft product like that? Either way, it IS an improvement over Windows Vista, albeit not as large of an improvement in my case as has been reported in others. My guess is that I'm either being bottle necked by my current hard drive or my hardware is already so fast that I'm just not going to see it get much faster on Windows 7 like others have with their hardware.

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