>new lessons come with a new cell phone - the Samsung SCH-R451C

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>Once again I have a new cell phone as my Motorola Clutch suffered a traumatic accident that rendered it unable to connect to Boost's network. This time I have gotten a Samsung SCH-R451. This phone is a QWERTY slider MP3 phone with a 1.4 MP camera with night shot, Bluetooth, and mobile web access. It runs around $99 and is pretty much as good as you can get without going for a more expensive smart phone.

One thing I really like about Samsung that stands out from other cell phone companies is that they have a habit of making tough phones that can take a beating. This one seems to be no exception. If you have a baby or toddler that's fascinated by electronics, you should be able to appreciate the sturdiness of this phone.

This phone is still pretty new so there's very little online on how to do things with it. Just like I did with the Motorola Clutch, I will be keeping you updated on everything I learn about this phone so there will be at least one decent tutorial out there for common actions such as creating ringtones.

I have also switched providers from Boost to Straight Talk. Straight Talk is a prepaid service hosted by Verizon and marketed by Wal-Mart. Their unlimited plan runs $5 cheaper than Boost's unlimited plans, making the cost of unlimited minutes, text, and mobile web $45 total. Not bad at all!

Verizon has not changed their customer service game for Straight Talk, however. You can fully expect to get a middle eastern accent on the phone because Verizon primarily uses overseas agents for their customer service (except for business customers). I will miss getting a real American on the phone when I call customer service like I get with Boost.

On the upside in my area Verizon's towers give a much better signal and are not nearly as overloaded as the other provider's towers. This results in far reaching and superior service, which is perhaps most noticeable in the speed with which mobile web applications load.

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