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My husband has gotten an LG 290C that was a little tricky on creating and uploading ringtones for. There were also no tutorials on how to do this in Google, so I figured I would write up a quick how-to on creating and uploading ringtones to an LG 290C.

You will need:
  • Your PC (with internet access)
  • As far as I am aware, this is the only method you can use in order to upload a working ringtone to the LG 290C. Bluetooth and data cable transferral may be possible, but I have not worked out the kinks enough yet to say that they are possible. 
How to create and upload a ringtone for the LG 290C:
  1. Go to a ringtone creator site like Zedge and use the ringtone creator in the tools section to create a 30 second MP3 clip. Download that clip to your PC when finished.
  2. Send an email from your phone to your usual email address so you can find out what your phone's email address is (if you don't know it already).
  3. Send an email from your usual email address to your phone's email address with the MP3 clip you downloaded from Zedge attached to the email.
  4. Once you receive the email on your phone, you should be able to save the clip and use it as a ringtone. 
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