>How to create ringtones for the Samsung SCH-R451C Messager

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>Creating ringtones for the Samsung SCH-R451C Messager is seriously as easy as it can possibly get.

You will need:

  • Ringtones can only be used if they are saved to phone memory and not micro-SD card memory. If you save the ringtone to your SD card you will need to transfer it to your phone memory before you can use it as a ringtone. Ringtones can also be uploaded to your phone memory using a PC and phone compatible USB data cable. This tutorial is strictly on how to send a ringtone to your phone via Bluetooth. I may write a tutorial later on how to do it via transferring the file to the micro-SD card memory and then transferring it to the phone memory, but I seriously doubt I will ever write a tutorial on how to do it via USB data cable. I have Bluetooth so there's really no need for me to purchase a data cable for my phone (so far). 
How to create and upload a ringtone to the Samsung SCH-R451C Messager:
  1. First you will need to pair the phone with your PC. This can be accomplished in Windows Vista and Windows 7 by going to Bluetooth settings and changing the PC to be discoverable, followed by going in to the Bluetooth settings on the phone under Tools and choosing to set up a new device. When prompted for a pass key, enter any combination of digits that you want to use as a password to enable access between your phone and the PC. You will have to re-enter those digits on your PC screen as well. 
  2. Now go to a ringtone creator site like Zedge. Create your ringtone (the ringtone creator at Zedge can be found under the Tools section) and download it.  
  3. Right click on the downloaded MP3 and select send to Bluetooth device. Select your phone in the menu that appears and select "Yes" on the phone to accept the transfer from your PC.
  4. Go to the ringtones menu on your phone. You should now see the MP3 that you downloaded from your PC listed. Select it for your ringtone and... voila! There you have it. :) 
It's so easy I must wonder at why I'm writing a tutorial for it, LOL.
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