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I think I am almost ready to really start shining myself.

But I still wait. Right now I’m reading The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson, recommended to me by a special friend. It’s quite a bit to swallow, so I’m having to take it slow. But at the same time I’m feeling that big pull that I have felt before more than ever – the urge to change my major to Christian psychology. And check out the fortune I got in a fortune cookie today:

“Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny.”


Anyways, things have been looking up more and more a little by little. I’ve returned to ghost writing again and I am starting to make a little pull off that now, and I also now have an inventory of hair care products to sell. Right now I know I cannot deal with returning to college. I need some time to live a little bit before I return to mounds of assigned chapters to read and tricky exams to take. Not to mention ditching my major will involve also ditching a year’s worth of work. But if it really is God’s calling, I will follow it.

I’ve seen the link. It’s so easy and so blatant. Psychology drops off at the super ego. It understands soul and body but does not really understand spirit. And Christian principles of psychology can actually be applied to almost any culture. The Shining Man with Hurt Hands actually proves that factor.

There’s not really many cases of truly crazy people IMHO. Most of the “crazies” out there have been grossly sinned against by others and/or may even have demonic influences. It’s not very hard to help them break through these barriers. It just takes instilling faith in God’s power in the person. And yah, I know any counselor out there is probably going to be rolling their eyes over me saying this is easy to do. But one must remember that it is easy to do for someone like me because I have already been there and I speak “the special language”.

Ego states. Transactional Analysis. I want to go there.

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