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There’s a dream I wish I could remember because I think God was trying to explain my system to me.

But even though I don’t remember the dream, today I am waking up with a new kind of insight on what “magic” is for me now.

It’s spiritual warfare. The Church has misled everyone on this! Making them think they can’t be touched by demons as long as they are good Christians. Demons don’t care. They’re out to snatch as many people as they can.

And there are more lies, but I don’t really feel like listing them all. I do want to say this though.

This is a very real spiritual battle going on in this world. One that cannot be seen with the naked physical eye but can be seen with what many New Agers refer to as the “third eye” and what the rest of the world calls “imagination”. Neither of their concepts of this world is correct. It’s the spiritual world. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a world inside but it’s a world that has effect on the outside as well.

And the Antichrist isn’t a person. It’s an attitude, a pattern of thought, the opposition to the Light of the Holy Spirit. One that a certain ex of mine displays very well. But he’s freaking kidding himself on creating “the” Antichrist and that is eventually going to come back and bite him in the butt when he realizes the most he’s ever going to manage to do is really screw up his own son. *sighs* I just hope that child gains some concept of God from his mother, and I hope his mother actually has a real concept of God to give to him and not the Church’s concept of God which lulls everyone to sleep and teaches them virtually nothing about how to find Christ “inside”.

And just… right now I want to say a prayer. Right here on my blog. If you agree, you can say amen and it will become your prayer as well.

Dear Jesus Christ, Lord over Heaven and Earth, thank you so much for the blessings you have given us in the form of your Holy Spirit which educates us and shines your light seven times brighter than day on the path we should take to reach you. I also thank you for giving me a soul with which to think and feel, and a body with which to move about in, and a spirit that is so bright it can connect with yours. I pray dear Lord that you will send forth these blessings on others, so that they may also come in to redemption and be saved by your forever loving and forgiving grace that you provided for us all. I know that Satan and his angels are all trying very hard to misguide us and lead us in to their darkness, and I pray dear Lord that through your Holy Spirit you will guide us away from their illusions and tricks and show us the real path, the real Light, the Light that comes from you. Amen.

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