Bye Ubuntu!

10:33 AM

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Ubuntu, you've just gotten a little too crazy for me..."]Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace ...[/caption]

It all started yesterday when I accidentally deleted the network manager along with getting rid of the XFCE desktop environment. I of course naturally thought no problem, I can install the network manager from the CD. However, once I had disabled everything but the CD in my repository list, I found that network manager disappeared from the list of installable software.


Ok, I thought, I will just do a non destructive upgrade. That failed in two ways. The first time I used the automated updater and instead of recognizing my home and root partitions as being separate it dumped the entire installation on my root partition. The second time I just ran the updater without reformatting the home directory and I still had issues, this time operating system issues like the global menu application being missing.


So I have to admit I got fed up and installed Fedora 15. It's not like this was all it took to make me ditch Ubuntu. It was actually a long time coming. It seems like Ubuntu has forgotten all about making Linux easier to use for all types of users and now focuses on just making it easy to use for new users, even if that means breaking some Linux functionalities that are part of why some people prefer to use it.  It's a shame; Ubuntu was finally getting polished enough to make it a very attractive OS thanks to implementations like Unity (which btw is a lot more flexible than Gnome 3 so hush your fussin'... Ubuntu did a good thing by replacing Gnome 3 with it IMHO).


Soon I will be giving a small review on Fedora 15. There's not really much to it (thanks to Gnome, which I will discuss later) but so far it seems fairly stable and very quick in comparison to most Debian/Ubuntu distributions.




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