Doudou: Linux for Children

5:26 PM

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="128" caption="Doudou Linux is a new distribution aimed at children ages 2 - 12"][/caption]

DoudouLinux is a Debian-based distribution targeting young children, with a goal to make computer use as simple and pleasant as possible. The project's version 1.0, code name "Gondwana". DoudouLinux provides tens of applications that suit children from 2 to 12 years old and gives them an environment as easy to use as a gaming console. Kids can learn, discover and have fun without dad and mum always watching!"




I am so excited to try out this distribution with my three year old son! Doudou Linux has a desktop that is incredibly easy to use for little ones. It also doesn't have a browser or any other internet related applications that could be used to get in to trouble. If you have been wanting to get your child in to Linux but have been worried that it's too complicated or dangerous for them, now is your chance to finally show them what Linux is all about!

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