Gadgets? No. Applets? No. Widgets? No. Indicators? Yup, Welcome to Ubuntu Natty

3:11 PM

The Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) operating system introduced a different user interface, designed by Canonical, called Unity. The default indicators are nice, but many people complained that they miss their usual applets on the panel.

CPU monitors, system load indicators, bandwidth statistics, weather indicators, RSS news feeds, DropBox handlers, and many more other applets can be quite easily installed on Ubuntu 11.04.

This article will show a list of ten most used Unity indicators (panel applets), with installation instructions and screenshots. At the end of the article we will also list other indicators, less important, and where to find them.




I found this article quite useful, especially considering there aren't really any widgets, applets, or gadgets to speak of in Ubuntu's Unity desktop manager. The weather and multi-load indicators work great on my 11.04 Natty installation.



So if you've ever gotten frustrated with Screenlets' bugs or Conky's broken interface in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty's Unity desktop environment, this is one article you don't want to miss reading.



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