Gimp Plugins - WOW!

4:12 PM

Today I took it upon myself to look at the plugins available for Gimp. All I can really say about it is WOW - there are sooo many plugins available! There's plugins that not only make the Gimp match Photoshop in its functionality but even more plugins that cause it to SURPASS Photoshop's functionality. I wish I had thought to take a look at them before, especially when my boss started complaining about Gimp not quite matching up to Photoshop in functionality. Personally I like going about things the old school way - Photoshop has changed so much over the years it confuses me quite a bit.While Gimp has different names for functions, it is still organized in a way that is simple and makes everything easy to find.


I was especially pleased to find out that Gimp has a background eraser. Only the brilliance of this is instead of it being an eraser function it is a brush function (Why didn't Photoshop do this?). Just select the brush function, select color erase, and make the foreground color match the background color of the picture. Voila! You now have a background eraser for Gimp.


I'm sorry that I love Gimp so much more than I do Photoshop. However, Photoshop gives me a lot of problems, partially due to the fact it demands so much of my system resources and partially because, let's face it, it's got bugs up the yin yang. Right now I can't even save images in CS5 so I had to downgrade to CS4. Photoshop just isn't the great image manipulation program it used to be back in the days of 7. I watch my boss every day struggle with Photoshop's slow processing and buggy behavior. He doesn't notice it I'm sure but I do. :( At least with Gimp if something goes wrong 90% of the time it's because I didn't realize there was a setting somewhere I had to change to get the desired effect.


I know, I know, Photoshop is pretty and Gimp is well... not pretty. But does the looks of your software determine how good it actually is? I'm going to say NO.


So don't criticize Gimp until you've given it a good solid chance. That means downloading the plugins and brushes you need because unlike Photoshop Gimp just comes with what you absolutely need and expects you to build on that to make it what you want (just like most Linux software, which is part of what I love so much about it - it's like getting a box of Legos to assemble a car with rather than getting a pre-assembled car straight out of the box so you can make the car look however you want it to look). The Gimp is meant to be the beginning of a photo manipulation program, not all of it.


So give Gimp a shot. You may actually find yourself dare I say liking it. Unlike Photoshop it's free and it's developed by people who have the same love for editing photos that you do.


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