How to Install Gnome 2 in Fedora 15

10:07 AM

I keep seeing people in the Fedora 15 forums tell others that there's no way to install Gnome 2 in Fedora and you're stuck with Gnome 3 or KDE. Well that's kind of funny, because I'm running Gnome 2 in my Fedora 15 session right now. They just changed the name of the package you have to install to get it. Instead of looking for the Gnome 2 desktop package, open up terminal and type in this:



yum install compiz-gnome


Press enter and type in your root password. Once the install finishes log out and when you click on your username in the login screen, change the session to Gnome with Compiz. It's really that easy! :)



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  1. How would installing compiz-gnome bring back gnome 2?
    It's like the gnome 3 fallback mode.

  2. It's the best you can do in Fedora.

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