How to Install Photoshop CS2 Under Wine in Ubuntu Natty 11.04

3:14 PM

I have tried every tutorial in existence in Google to get CS4 to install under Wine in Ubuntu Natty 11.04 to no avail.  Either the files I need in order to install it  won't download/show errors or the program itself installs and won't start. Never allowing defeat, I decided to start downgrading until I hit the sweet spot and got Photoshop CS2 to install. Here's how I did it:


  1. First I added the Wine repository to my list of repositories in Ubuntu Natty 11.04. Instructions can be found here.

  2. Next I downloaded the latest Wine beta and Winetricks in Ubuntu's Software Center (you can use sudo apt-get install to do this as well if you already know the package names).

  3. I configured Wine to mimic Windows XP using the Wine Configuration utility which automatically installs with Wine.

  4. I installed all the fonts available in Winetricks by going to Select the default wineprefix > Install a font > all fonts.

  5. I got a little crazy with WineTricks and installed all the Microsoft dll files I could get to install. This was done by going to Select the default wineprefix > Install a Windows DLL or component. I also installed Internet Explorer, Windows Installer, and the various runtimes available. This takes a lot of patience as some components will not install until others are installed, and often the failure of one installation meant no others would start after it, causing me to reopen Winetricks to try again. I recommend doing these one at a time if you have the patience to reopen Winetricks that many times. Personally I didn't have the patience so I went ahead and installed 3-5 at a time if possible.

  6. Finally, I installed Photoshop CS2 without a hitch.


I hope this tutorial helps you in figuring out how to get Photoshop running in Wine successfully. I'm sorry I can't give you an exact list of components to install under Winetricks but by this point I was so frustrated I just installed anything I could that was produced by Microsoft and not related to games, audio, or video.



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