How Ubuntu Can Improve Unity

7:56 PM

With Natty Narwhal, Ubuntu underwent a major transformation. Gone was the plain and simple GNOME UI, and in came the shell interface with shiny new features. Though Canonical had high hopes from this release, the response Natty received was hugely disappointing. Many users felt that the release was a half-baked one with too many confusing features. However, a few good features did shine through leaving some users thoroughly impressed by Unity. Good or bad, Unity in its current avatar has plenty of room left for improvement. So, here are a few things we think can make Unity a better interface.




I think this is an article that every Ubuntu 11.04 user can benefit from reading. This is perhaps the best and most comprehensive list of issues in Ubuntu that I have ever came across. Some of the issues listed are:


  • A better Dash - I couldn't agree more with this. The dash in Ubuntu 11.04 has caused so many people so much grief. It's not very customizable and there's no way to turn autohide off.

  • Make launcher better - If you don't know the exact name of what you're looking for it can be pretty hard to find in the launcher menu, mostly because it's so poorly organized.

  • Please Introduce yourself - A good one that I hadn't even thought of. Ubuntu should have some form of user introduction to the operating system.

  • Better Global Menu - Some apps just don't work with it.

  • Make Quicklists Zeitgeist integrated - This seems like a simple enough request, although I don't really see where it would matter so much to Windows users except the fact they're used to Windows Explorer being wrapped in to one process.


Please take the time out to finish reading the list if you are a Ubuntu user. Maybe you can implement some of the changes that are needed! Good luck & happy computing! :)



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