Lacerated Finger

8:47 PM

So I cut my right ring finger to the bone and sliced my right middle finger tip with a filet knife. The hospital stitched my right ring finger (7 stitches!) and I have to have surgery done Monday to repair the tendons and nerves that were damaged. It didn't hurt nearly as much when it happened as it did that night before I got my pain medication. Fortunately the pain medication they gave me is doing its job.


Being laid up like this sucks. I have to keep the bandaging and wounds dry and avoid using the injured fingers. I can no longer bathe myself, brush my hair, or fix my food. I can't even care for Brennan or clean the house.


I keep reminding myself this is temporary.


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  1. Hey..., I'm glad you're ok. Thats an ugly cut lil sis.