How to Share Files Using Samba/SMB in Fedora 15

3:44 PM

Configuring Samba is always a pain for me, and I remember oh so well how much worse it was when I was starting out on Linux. Here is a simple to follow guide on how to configure Samba in Fedora 15 to allow browsing of the network and sharing files with other computers.


Knowledge this requires: Basic networking knowledge (workgroup name, network IP address range, etc.)


Install Samba and system-config-samba via the repositories:


sudo yum install samba system-config-samba

Next, edit smb.conf:

sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf

First try just changing the workgroup name to match the workgroup name on the other computer and change hosts allow to include the default prefix for the IP addresses on your network (for example, all the computers in my network have IP addresses that start with 192.168.1.).


Next restart the SMB service:

sudo service smb stop

sudo service smb start


Now make sure you can browse to your workgroup on the network in Nautilus. If you can't try this default smb.conf file instead of the one that comes with Samba and make the same changes to it you did before:


... and restart the SMB service just like before. Make sure you can browse to the workgroup on your network now. Once you've ensured you can browse to your workgroup, start Samba in the Application Menu or start it from terminal:



From here you can set up what folders you want to share and what users can access them.


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